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The first printing of the Humboldt County Code included ordinances of the County of Humboldt numbered 1 through 1165. A moratorium was placed on the inclusion of ordinances adopted after Ordinance No. 1165 in order to facilitate the final compilation and printing of the Code. One exception to this moratorium is Ordinance No. 1180 dealing with bingo games for charitable purposes which has been codified in Title IX, Division 1. (Ord. 2351, § 1, 12/06/2005)

All ordinances passed by the Board of Supervisors during the interim period between the imposition of the moratorium and the adoption of the Code were codified and thus included in the body of the Code in the first quarterly revision. (Ord. 2351, § 1, 12/06/2005)

Each ordinance passed after the adoption of the Code shall thereafter be incorporated into it through the process of the next quarterly revision which follows its passage. (Ord. 2351, § 1, 12/06/2005)

Certain ordinances will remain in effect but will not be included in the format of the Code. These include ordinances dealing with franchises granted by the County to public utilities; ordinances which designate and describe zoned areas; ordinances which denote interim zones; ordinances dealing with elections; and ordinances which operate only as repealers of prior ordinances. (Ord. 2351, § 1, 12/6/2005)