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Members of the Grand Jury shall be entitled to reimbursement for miles actually driven in their personal vehicle between their home and the County Courthouse via the shortest route for two meetings per week. Mileage reimbursement may also be approved by the Foreperson of the Grand Jury for trips on official Grand Jury business between the Courthouse or the individual’s residence, whichever is less, and an investigative site within the County via the shortest route. Such reimbursement shall be at the then-current Standard Mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Service and shall be subject to the limitation of funds available in the Grand Jury’s budget. No reimbursement will be made for any parking, moving or equipment violation. A waiver form shall be provided so that members of the Grand Jury may elect not to claim reimbursement for mileage if they so desire. (Previously repealed by Ord. 2319, § 1, 06/15/2004; Ord. 2387, § 1, 05/01/2007)