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2171-12. Notices and Hearing.
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(a) A public hearing on an application for a development agreement shall be held by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Notice of intention to consider adoption of a development agreement shall be given as provided in Section 312-8.3 of the Humboldt County Zoning Regulations and Sections 65090 and 65091 of the California Government Code in addition to any other notice required by law for other actions to be considered concurrently with the development agreement. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)

(b) The notice requirements referred to in paragraph (a) above, are declaratory of existing law. If state or local law prescribes a different notice requirement, notice shall be given in that manner. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)

(c) The failure of any person or entity to receive notice of a hearing shall not affect the authority of the County to enter into a development agreement. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)

(d) Any public hearing conducted under this Chapter may be continued from time to time. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)