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In order to defray the cost to the County of Humboldt of preparing, negotiating, adopting, and amending a development agreement, a fee shall be charged and collected in accord with the procedures described below: (Ord. 2399, § 1, 09/16/2008)

(a) The County shall recover from the qualified applicant all of its costs for staff time, necessary consultant services, materials and administration costs associated with the preparation, negotiation, review, adoption and amendment of a development agreement, including but not limited to the costs associated with processing the application, negotiation of the terms and conditions of the development agreement, noticing of the public hearings, adoption of the development agreement and any amendments, and periodic review of the development agreement. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)

(b) The applicant shall be entitled to a reasonable estimate of the anticipated fees and costs to be incurred by the county to process the development agreement through to its adoption and the Director is authorized to establish a trust fund for the deposit of such fees as may be appropriate. The Director is authorized to require and accept a deposit of up to 50% of the amount of the estimated fee toward payment of these fees and costs, in order to enable the affected county departments and agencies to begin work on the application. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)

(c) The Director shall not set a date for the public hearing before the Planning Commission until the full fee for the development agreement is paid or deposited in the trust fund. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)

(d) Upon the execution of a development agreement, or withdrawal by an applicant of its application, any unexpended or unobligated portion of the fee paid by the applicant shall be returned to the applicant. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)

(e) Payment of fees charged under this section does not waive the fee requirements of other ordinances. (Ord. 2399, § 1, 9/16/2008)