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For purposes of the contribution limitations contained in this chapter, the following provisions shall apply: (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)

(a) All contributions made by a sponsored committee to a county candidate or to an elective county officer (or to a committee controlled by such candidate or officer) shall be combined with those contributions made during the same election cycle by the sponsor(s) of the committee. Consistent with the definition and use of the terms “sponsored committee” and “sponsor” in the Political Reform Act, the term “sponsor” shall not include individuals. (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)

(b) Contributions received from the following combinations of individuals and entities must be aggregated to determine the cumulative amount of contributions received from a contributor: (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)

(1) Contributions from an individual who makes contributions from personal funds and who also has sole authority to direct and control contributions made from other funds; (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)

(2) Contributions from business entities in a parent-subsidiary relationship and business entities with the same controlling owner (more than fifty percent (50%), unless the entities act completely independently in their decisions to make contributions; (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)

(3) Contributions from any number of entities or committees if the same person or a majority of the same persons in fact directs and controls the contributions each entity makes. This subdivision shall not apply to treasurers of committees if these treasurers do not participate in or control in any way a decision on whether the candidate or candidates received contributions. (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)

(c) Contributions by a married person shall be treated as the separate contributions of such person and shall not be aggregated with any contributions of the spouse of such person. (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)

(d) Contributions by children under eighteen (18) years of age shall be treated as contributions by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), one-half to each parent or guardian unless only one (1) parent or guardian has legal custody of such child in which event any such contributions shall be attributed solely to the custodial parent. (Ord. 2520, § 1, 10/14/2014)