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Except as required by law, the Purchasing Agent may make any purchase and/or rental of personal property or perform any other act hereunder without notice, advertisement or securing competitive bids. If the Purchasing Agent does call for competitive bids or quotations and accepts any bid or quotation other than the lowest on any individual item costing more than three thousand dollars ($3,000.00), the basis for the decision shall be documented in writing and retained in the purchase record. (Ord. 2456, § 1, 08/23/2011)

In the performance of his/her functions hereunder, the Purchasing Agent shall comply with all applicable statutes, Code sections and regulations. (Ord. 681, § 4, 7/1/69; Ord. 2456, § 1, 08/23/2011)

The Purchasing Agent shall implement a policy consistent with Government Code Section 54202 governing the purchase/rental of supplies and equipment including bidding regulations. The policy shall set forth methods and procedures for the acquisition of supplies and equipment which in the judgment of the Purchasing Agent will secure the lowest price consistent with the quality desirable for the use intended and the needs of the County. The policy shall also establish methods and procedures for the functioning of the purchasing division in an effective and economical manner. The policy shall be adopted by the Board of Supervisors. (Ord. 2456, § 1, 8/23/2011; Ord. 2643, § 1 (Att. 1), 6/2/2020)