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(a) The County Administrative Officer or his/her designee shall assign the parking spaces in the basement of the Humboldt County Courthouse, exclusive of those located in the law enforcement parking area on the easterly side thereof, by allocating such spaces for the following uses:

(1) For the particular officer or department with the officer or department to be named by the Board of Supervisors.

(2) For County-owned vehicles bearing exempt license plates.

(3) Law enforcement vehicles.

(4) Public utility vehicles.

(5) Service vehicles of vendors with approval of the County Administrative Officer. (Ord. 2364, § 2, 06/20/2006)

Such assignment of parking spaces may be amended or modified at any time by the County Administrative Officer. (Ord. 1677, § 1, 2/26/1985; Ord. 2364, § 2, 6/20/2006)

(Ord. 2364, § 2, 6/20/2006)