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(a) No aircraft shall be fueled or defueled at a County airport while engines are running or while such aircraft is in a hangar or enclosed space. (Ord. 1603, § 2, 7/12/1983)

(b) No smoking shall be permitted within fifty feet (50') of the aircraft fuel tanks while the aircraft is being fueled or defueled or within fifty feet (50') of any fuel carrier utilized for fueling or defueling or aircraft. (Ord. 1603, § 2, 7/12/1983)

(c) Persons engaged in the fueling or defueling of aircraft shall exercise all caution to prevent spillage of fuel, including the filling of tanks to the point where they would overflow from heat expansion. (Ord. 1603, § 2, 7/12/1983)

(d) No person shall use any material likely to cause a static discharge during fueling or defueling of aircraft. (Ord. 1603, § 2, 7/12/1983)

(e) Adequate fire extinguishers shall be within ready reach of persons engaged in fueling and defueling operations at all times. (Ord. 1603, § 2, 7/12/1983)

(f) Fueling hoses and defueling equipment shall be maintained in a safe, sound and non-leaking condition at all times. (Ord. 1603, § 2, 7/12/1983)

(g) All hoses, funnels and appurtenances used in fueling and defueling operations shall be equipped with a ground device to prevent ignition of volatile liquids, and no fueling or defueling operations may be conducted without the proper connection of this device to the aircraft and an adequate electrical ground. (Ord. 1603, § 2, 7/12/1983)