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Persons subject to screening on entry; breaching courthouse security measures or entering courthouse through unauthorized entryways prohibited. (Ord. 2243, § 1, 04/24/2001)

(a) All persons entering the Humboldt County Courthouse, located at 825 Fifth Street, Eureka, California, must enter by means of the designated courthouse entry screening areas and must submit their persons and property to screening for weapons (“entry screening”). This subdivision shall not apply to those officers and employees of Humboldt Superior Court or the County of Humboldt who have assigned parking spaces in the underground parking facility or who have been specifically designated as exempt from its provisions by the Humboldt County Sheriff. (Ord. 2243, § 1, 4/24/2001)

(b) It is unlawful for any person to breach, defeat, bypass, or tamper with any mechanism, system or facility installed to prevent, bar or restrict access to the Humboldt County Courthouse, with the intent to circumvent entry screening, or to aid another in such a breach, defeat, bypass, or tampering. (Ord. 2243, § 1, 4/24/2001)

(c) It is unlawful for any person to enter or exit, with the intent to circumvent the courthouse entry screening or to leave the Humboldt County Courthouse by way of any access door, hallway, or entry way posted as “restricted” or “no access”, unless authorized to do so by a sheriff’s deputy whose formal duties and responsibilities include security of the courthouse. (Ord. 2243, § 1, 4/24/2001)