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(a) The weapons or items described below may not be brought into any court building within Humboldt County. Persons bringing the following weapons or items into any court building will be asked to take the items out of the building. Illegal weapons shall be confiscated and court security notified for further disposition. (Ord. 2243, § 1, 04/24/2001)

(1) Any fixed blade knife

(2) Any folding knife with a blade length of over (2) inches

(3) Any chemical agents

(4) Scissors

(5) Screwdrivers with a shaft length of over (2) inches

(6) Any razor or box cutting type knife

(7) Metal comb-pick

(8) Ice picks

(9) Letter opener

(10) Knitting needles

(11) Any items which contain a concealed type weapon

(12) Laser pointers

(13) Handcuff keys not in the possession of law enforcement personnel

(14) Any aerosol spray

(15) Any other pointed objects capable of inflicting a stab wound or objects with sharpened edges or surfaces capable of cutting are subject to exclusion depending upon the circumstances.

(16) Any other weapon prohibited by law. (Ord. 2243, § 1, 4/24/2001)

(b) In accordance with Penal Code Section 171b(b)(1), subdivision (a) of this section shall not apply to any of the following:

(1) A person who possesses weapons in, or transports weapons into, a court of law to be used as evidence. (Ord. 2395, § 1, 2/5/2008)

(2) A duly appointed peace officer carrying out official duties and lawfully authorized to possess such weapons. (Ord. 2395, § 1, 2/5/2008)

(Ord. 2395, § 1, 2/5/2008)