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Leases of non-residential real property owned by the County, together with any or all improvements thereon may be excluded from the bidding procedures of § 268-2 provided that all of the following apply: (Ord. 2417, § 1, 09/15/2009)

(a) notice is given as set forth below; (Ord. 2417, § 1, 9/15/2009)

(b) the term of the lease does not exceed ten (10) years in duration; (Ord. 2417, § 1, 9/15/2009)

(c) the lease is not renewable; (Ord. 2417, § 1, 9/15/2009)

(d) the monthly rent does not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).

For the purposes of this Section notice shall be given pursuant to Government Code § 6061, and shall be posted in the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. The content of the notice shall: (i) describe the real property proposed to be leased by the County; (ii) the terms of the lease; (iii) the location where offers to lease the property will be accepted; (iv) the location where leases will be executed; and (v) the identity of the County official authorized to execute the lease. (Ord. 2417, § 1, 9/15/2009)

(Ord. 2417, § 1, 9/15/2009)