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The County seeks to protect the intent of the State Fire Safe Regulations while ensuring that no undue hardship occurs at the county level due to conditions peculiar to the County. The exceptions procedure is provided with the intent of ensuring that every individual who is negatively impacted will get a fair hearing before local authorities who are competent to judge the legitimacy of that individual’s concerns. The local inspection authority together with the local representative of CAL FIRE is therefor directed to deal with requests for exceptions to the provisions of these regulations on a case by case basis, making a comprehensive review of the circumstances in each case, taking special note of such factors as: (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991; amended by Ord. 2540, Section 1, 11/17/2015)

(a) community standards as expressed in the County' Alternative Owner Building Ordinance; and (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)

(b) economic factors which may affect the affordability of housing as described in the Housing Element of the County’s General Plan. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)