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(a) The maximum length of a dead-end road, including all dead-end roads accessed from that dead-end road, shall not exceed the following cumulative lengths, regardless of the number of parcels served: (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)

parcels zoned for less than one acre

800 feet

parcels zoned for 1 acre to 4.99 acres

1350 feet

parcels zoned for 5 acres to 19.99 acres

2640 feet

parcels zoned for 20 acres to 39.99 acres

5280 feet

parcels zoned for 40 acres to 159.99 acres

7500 feet

parcels zoned for 160 acres or larger


All lengths shall be measured from the edge of the roadway surface at the intersection that begins the road to the end of the road surface at its farthest point. Where a dead-end road crosses areas of differing zoned parcel sizes, requiring different length limits, the shortest allowable length shall apply. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)

(b) Where parcels are zoned 5 acres or larger, turnarounds shall be provided at a maximum of 1320 foot intervals. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)

(c) Each dead-end road shall have a turnaround constructed at its terminus. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)