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(a) All driveway, road, street, and private lane roadway structures shall be constructed to carry at least the maximum load and provide the minimum vertical clearance as required in California Vehicle Code Sections 35250, 35550, and 35750. Where a bridge, culvert or an elevated surface is part of a fire apparatus access road, the roadway structure shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, 17th Edition, published 202 (known as AASHTO HB-17), hereby incorporated by reference, or an equivalent or greater AASHTO standard as may be from time to time adopted. Roadway structures shall be designed for a live load sufficient to carry the imposed loads of fire apparatus. The minimum vertical clearance shall be 15 feet at all points on the surface of the roadway. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991; Ord. 2540, Section 1, 11/17/2015)

(b) Appropriate signing, including but not limited to vehicle load, vertical clearance, one-way road, or single lane conditions, shall be posted at both entrances to bridges. This requirement may be omitted for bridges on private roads and driveways where compliance with paragraph (a) of this section has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works. Where elevated surfaces designed for emergency vehicle use are adjacent to surfaces which are not designed for such use, barriers or signs, or both, as approved by the Department of Public Works, shall be installed and maintained. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991; Ord. 2540, Section 1, 11/17/2015)

(c) A bridge with only one traffic lane may be authorized by the County; however, the bridge shall provide for unobstructed visibility from one end to the other and shall have intervisible turnouts at both ends. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)

(d) The County may allow a flatcar bridge having a width of not less than nine (9) feet to be used as a roadway structure on a private lane or driveway provided the requirements of Section 3112-9(c) are satisfied. No exception request shall be required for the reduced roadway width. (Ord. 1952, § 1, 12/17/1991)