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a. Use. The purpose for which either land or a structure thereon is designed, arranged, or intended, or for which it is or may be occupied or maintained. (Former Section INL#312-72(a); Ord. 1104, Sec. 2, 10/5/76; Amended by Ord. 2166, Sec. 9, 4/7/98)

b. Use, Accessory. A use legally permitted in the zone, which use is incidental to and subordinate to the principal use of the site or of a main building on the site and serving a purpose which does not change the character of the principal use. (Former Section INL#312-72(b); Ord. 1104, Sec. 2, 10/5/76; Amended by Ord. 2166, Sec. 9, 4/7/98)

c. Use, Conditional. A principal or accessory use of land or of structures thereon, which use may be essential or desirable to the public convenience or welfare in one or more zones but which use may also impair the integrity and character of the zone or adjoining zone or be detrimental to the public health, morals or welfare unless additional restrictions on location and extent of use are imposed and enforced. Such use shall become a “principal permitted use” or “accessory permitted use” when all specific additional restrictions are completed and permanently satisfied in conformance with an approved Use Permit. Should such restrictions be of a continuing nature, the use will remain conditional so long as the restrictions are complied with, but shall become an illegal use whenever and so long as the restrictions are not complied with. (Former Section INL#312-72(c); Ord. 1104, Sec. 2, 10/5/76; Amended by Ord. 2166, Sec. 9, 4/7/98)

d. Use, Principal Permitted. The primary use of land or of a main building which use is compatible with the purpose of the zone and which is permitted in the zone. If a use is listed in a specific zone as a principal permitted use, it means that the owner, lessee or other person who has legal right to use the land has a vested right to conduct such principal permitted use without securing special permission therefor, subject only to such general limitations as off-street parking and site plan approval which are generally applied to all uses in that zone. (Former Section INL#312-72(d); Ord. 1104, Sec. 2, 10/5/76; Amended by Ord. 2166, Sec. 9, 4/7/98)

Useable Open Space: (See “Open Space, Useable”)

Undisturbed Slope: An undisturbed slope is defined as a slope in its natural state which has never been filled or graded, except where such grading has been granted previous County or State approval. (For more information on undisturbed slopes, greenway benches and open space, see Section 314-22.2, Greenway and Open Space Combining Zone.) (From Section INL#315-10.4(D)(1); Added by Ord. 2071, Sec. 1, 4/25/95)