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Zone: A portion of the territory of the County of Humboldt within which certain uniform regulations and requirements or combinations thereof apply under the provisions of this Code. The word “zone” shall include the word “district”. (Former Section INL#312-75; Ord. 519, Sec. 274, 5/11/65; Amended by Ord. 2166, Sec. 9, 4/7/98)

a. Principal. The first zone designation applied to a lot or piece of property, which designates the principally permitted uses on the property. The zoning designations are found on the zoning maps. (Ord. 2214, 6/6/2000)

b. Combining. This is an additional zoning designation applied to some (but not all) properties. Combining zones are indicated on the zoning maps. A combining zone modifies the allowed land use in some way when necessary for sound and orderly planning. For example, lot area and yard requirements of any Principal Zone may be modified by addition of the “B” Combining Zone. (Ord. 2214, 6/6/2000)