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As provided in this Code, all of the unincorporated area of the County not otherwise zoned is designated as the Unclassified or U Zone. This area has not been sufficiently studied to justify precise zoning classifications. The following Code sections have been adopted to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens and to insure orderly development in conformance with the General Plan. (Former Section INL#314-2(a); Ord. 894, Sec. 1, 12/19/72)



Principal Permitted Uses

One family dwelling.

Accessory dwelling unit.

General agriculture.

Rooming, and boarding of not more than two (2) persons.

Manufactured home.

Uses Permitted with a Use Permit

All other uses not specified in the subsection, Principal Permitted Uses, may be permitted upon the granting of a Use Permit.

Other Regulations for All Permitted Uses

Minimum Lot Area

Six thousand (6,000) square feet.

Minimum Lot Width

Fifty (50) feet.

Maximum Lot Depth

Three (3) times the width.

Minimum Lot Depth

One hundred (100) feet.

Minimum Yard Setbacks*


Twenty (20) feet.


Ten (10) feet.


Five (5) feet.

Minimum Distance Between Major Buildings

Twenty (20) feet.

Maximum Ground Coverage

Forty percent (40%).

Maximum Building Height

(None specified.)

Other Regulations for Uses Permitted with a Use Permit

The building height, site area, setbacks and other requirements for all other uses shall be as required by the Planning Commission in the granting of a Use Permit.

* Note: Setbacks may be modified by other provisions of this Code or State law. For example, see Section 314-22.1, “Alquist-Priolo Fault Hazard” and the “Fire Safe” Regulations at Title III, Division 11.

(Former Sections INL#314-2(b)(1-4); INL#314-2(c); INL#314-3(a)(1-4); INL#314-3(b)) (Ord. 2678, § 6, 7/13/2021)