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Building permits for the following types of Development shall be exempt from any fee imposed pursuant to this Chapter: (Ord. 2437, § 1, 08/24/10)

(a) A building constructed for governmental ownership and use. (Ord. 2437, § 1, 8/24/2010)

(b) A building or structure with a permit issued within two years of demolition on the same lot provided however (1) that the construction of the building replaces a similar structure that was damaged or destroyed by fire, earthquake, or other similar causes similarly beyond the owner’s control and (2) that the exemption is limited to the square footage of the building that was demolished or destroyed. (Ord. 2437, § 1, 8/24/2010)

(c) Fences or retaining walls, or utility and miscellaneous buildings that are less than or equal to 200 square feet in area, as defined in Chapter 3, Use and Occupancy Classification, Section 312, “Utility and Miscellaneous Group U”, of the California Building Code. (Ord. 2437, § 1, 8/24/2010)