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Any interested person may protest the imposition of a fee imposed pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter by meeting the following requirements: (Ord. 2437, § 1, 08/24/10)

(a) Tendering any required payment in full or providing satisfactory evidence of arrangements to ensure performance of the conditions necessary to meet the requirements imposed. (Ord. 2437, § 1, 8/24/2010)

(b) Serving written notices on the Clerk and the clerk of the board of the Fire District, which notices shall contain all of the following information: (Ord. 2437, § 1, 08/24/10)

(1) A statement that the required payment is tendered, or that any conditions which have been imposed are provided for or satisfied, under protest. (Ord. 2437, § 1, 8/24/2010)

(2) A statement of all the factual elements of the dispute and the legal theory forming the basis of the protest. (Ord. 2437, § 1, 8/24/2010)

(c) The protest must be filed no later than ninety (90) days after the date of the imposition of the fee hereunder on the developer. (Ord. 2437, § 1, 8/24/2010)