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Eighteen (18) copies, or as required, of a Tentative Subdivision Map of a Final Map subdivision must be filed with the Planning Department. Twelve (12) copies are required for a Tentative Subdivision Map of a Parcel Map subdivision. It is recommended that Tentative Subdivision Maps be prepared by an engineer or surveyor. (GC §§ 66428, 66452-66452.4 )

Each Tentative Subdivision Map, upon presentation, shall be examined by the Planning Department, which may not accept it unless the same is in full compliance with this division as to form, data, information and other matters required to be shown thereon or furnished therewith. The Tentative Subdivision Map shall not be considered as “officially filed” until the proper environmental document has been accepted and officially posted for the time limits required by the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Upon completion of the environmental clearance, the map and file shall be date stamped and noted “officially filed on (date) ” by the Department, which will notify the subdivider and his engineer of such date and of the date of the next scheduled action. (Ord. 1146, § 31, 7/19/1977)