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(a) Roads shall be designed and constructed to serve each lot in every subdivision.

(b) Any road, or part thereof, lying within the subdivision shall be constructed to the standards specified in the appendix to this division.

(c) In addition, off-site improvements may be required. The Director of Public Works shall require such off-site improvements as he finds necessary for:

(1) The orderly and planned improvement of the off-site roads to the standards specified in the appendix to this division, within a reasonable time, considering the probable future growth in the area;

(2) The safe and orderly movement of persons and vehicles; and

(3) Providing roads which can be maintained at a reasonable cost.

(d) Where sewer or community water systems are required, the subdivider shall construct the sewer and water systems to the standards of the governmental entity(ies) which will accept and maintain those systems. If no such governmental entity exists, the standards are as specified by the American Public Works Association.

(c) If, during the course of construction of any new street or any other improvements required by the Advisory Agency in connection with the approval of the subdivision plan, additional work is required owing to unforeseen conditions, such as, but not limited to, springs, ancient drains, wetlands, water courses, side-hill drainage from cuts, bedrock, or other conditions which were not apparent at the time of the approval by the Advisory Agency, the Director of Public Works may require such additional work to be done and may require additional surety. (Ord. 1146, § 40, 7/19/1977)