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This section applies in those instances in which a subdivider proposes to develop his land to a maximum density allowable under the existing zoning. It does not apply in those instances in which the proposed land division stops short of the maximum density allowable by zoning or the existing General Plan. If the subdivider proposes reduced subdivision improvements premised upon a lesser density than allowed under current zoning, the requirements of paragraphs (5)A and (5)B of § 323-6(a) apply. In the event of phase development of larger land tracts - wherein subdivision of the total property is proposed to occur over a period of years - each and every map filed must stand on its own as to the requirements of this section.

In order to permit more flexibility to cope with difficulties due to topography and other natural or man-made features of Humboldt County, the minimum lot area in any zone or General Plan designation may be modified down to a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the minimum lot size required. At the same time, no lot created by the subdivision shall be larger than 1.8 times the minimum lot size permitted under the applicable zoning or General Plan classification. Also, the number of lots shall not be more than would normally be allowed in the applicable zone or General Plan designation, nor shall the area of the total property in the before condition divided by the total number of lots to be created result in an average area less than that required in the applicable zone or General Plan designation.

The Advisory Agency shall, in determining the amount of each modification to the lots to be created by the subdivision, the arrangement of the lots, and the dimensions of each lot, find the following:

(a) The provisions for lots are in harmony with the topographic configuration of the site and the immediate area.

(b) Soil conditions both on-site and off-site will not be adversely affected.

(c) Hydrologic conditions of the site and the surrounding areas will not be adversely affected.

(d) The internal arrangement of the streets and access to public roads will not adversely affect the traffic patterns of the area and emergency vehicle access.

(e) The number, type and density of dwelling units and the design of the site conform to this section and are in the interest of the public welfare.

(f) The existing character of the area in terms of density and arrangement will not be adversely affected.

(g) Any existing inland wetlands, water course and tidal wetlands will not be adversely affected.

(h) Over-all conformance to the Humboldt County General Plan.

(i) Nothing herein permit lots less than 6,000 square feet in size. (Ord. 1146, § 59, 7/19/1977)