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(a) A field survey shall be made in conformity with the Land Surveyor’s Act, for all subdivisions except where a Parcel Map waiver has been granted.

(b) Traverse work sheet in a form approved by the County Surveyor, together with complete sets of blue line or black and white check prints of the Final Map or Parcel Map, shall be submitted to the Director of Public Works for checking and approval.

(c) All surveys for Final and Parcel Maps, in addition to conforming to requirements of § 8814 of the Public Resources Code, State of California, may be tied to the California Coordinate System.

(d) All monuments, property lines, center lines of streets, alleys and easements, within or adjoining the tract, shall be shown on the Final or Parcel Map. (Ord. 1146, § 73, 7/19/1977)