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(a) The form of the Parcel Map shall be as specified in § 66445 of the Map Act, except that the size of each sheet shall be a minimum of eighteen by twenty-seven inches (18" x 27") and that the margin on the left side of the map shall be a minimum of two inches (2"). (Ord. 1146, § 91, 7/19/1977)

(b) In addition to any other certifications required to be placed on the map by the Subdivision Map Act, the map shall contain the certification required by Government Code § 66492 (or any successor section thereto). Said certification shall be in the form prescribed by the County Tax Collector. (Ord. 1961, § 3, 3/3/1992)

(c) Pursuant to Government Code § 66468.2, the duties of the Clerk of the Board with respect to the filing of Maps as set forth in Title 7, Division 2, Chapter 3, Article 6 of the Government Code, are hereby delegated to the County Tax Collector. (Ord. 1961, § 3, 3/3/1992)