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As used in § 326-6, “good and sufficient security” means any of the following: (Ord. 1365, § 2, 11/06/79)

(a) A bond or bonds by one or more duly authorized corporate sureties. (Ord. 1365, § 2, 11/6/1979)

(b) A deposit, either with the County or a responsible escrow company or trust company, at the option of the County, of money or negotiable bonds of the kind approved for securing deposits or public moneys. (Ord. 1365, § 2, 11/6/1979)

(c) An instrument of credit from one or more financial institutions subject to the regulation by the state or federal government and pledging that the funds necessary to carry out the act or agreement are on deposit and guaranteed for payment. (Ord. 1365, § 2, 11/6/1979)

(d) A lien upon the property to be divided, created by contract between the owner and the County, if the Advisory Agency expressly finds that it would not be in the public interest to require the installation of the required improvement sooner than two (2) years after the recordation of the map. (Ord. 1365, § 2, 11/6/1979)

(e) In the case of parcel map subdivisions of four (4) or fewer lots, a lien upon real property if approved by the Director of Public Works. (Ord. 1365, § 2, 11/6/1979)