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At any time within ten (10) days after the Advisory Agency makes a determination that the affected properties continue to be merged or are not merged pursuant to § 327.5-16, either the property owner or the Planning Director may appeal the Advisory Agency’s decision to the Board of Supervisors. The request for appeal shall be in writing, filed with the Planning Director and shall specify the factual and legal grounds upon which the appeal is based. (Ord. 1762, 12/09/86)

The Planning Director shall forward the request for appeal to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors who shall fix a time, date and place for a hearing before the Board of Supervisors and shall notify the property owner by certified mail. (Ord. 1762, 12/09/86)

The evidence presented at the hearing shall be limited to the issues raised and presented at the hearing held by the Advisory Agency. (Ord. 1762, 12/09/86)

At the close of the hearing, the Board of Supervisors shall make a determination that the affected properties continue to be merged, or are not merged and shall so notify the property owner in writing of its decision. A determination under this section is final and not subject to appeal. (Ord. 1762, 12/09/86)

Within 30 days after a determination of continued merger is made, the Planning Director shall record a notice of merger. (Ord. 1762, 12/9/1986)