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Upon receiving a request for a hearing on determination of status, the Planning Director shall fix a time, date, and place for a hearing before the Advisory Agency and shall so notify the property owner by certified mail. The hearing shall be conducted not more than sixty (60) days following the Planning Director’s receipt of the property owner’s request for hearing, but may be postponed or continued with the mutual written consent of the Advisory Agency and the property owner. (Ord. 1762, 12/09/86)

At the hearing, the property owner shall be given the opportunity to present any evidence that the affected property does not meet the standards for merger specified in this Chapter. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Advisory Agency shall make a determination that the affected parcels are to be merged or are not to be merged and shall so notify the owner of its determination in writing. Unless an appeal is filed pursuant to § 327.5-11, a determination of merger made following the owner’s timely request for a hearing shall be recorded as provided for in § 327.5-7 not later than 90 days following the mailing of the notice required by § 327.5-7 except where the hearing has been continued beyond the 90 day period by mutual consent of the Advisory Agency and the property owner pursuant to § 327.5-7. In such a case the determination shall be recorded not later than 30 days following the hearing. (Ord. 1762, 12/9/1986)