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The County Building Official shall not issue a building permit for construction on a parcel within the McKinleyville Drainage Area, which results in additional ground coverage in excess of 100 square feet or, in the case of upper-story additions, results in additional floor area in excess of 100 square feet, until the fees set forth in this chapter have been paid. The Building Official may accept cash, or other consideration in the form of actual construction of a part of drainage facilities by the applicant or his principal in lieu of the fee, when authorized to do so by the Director of Public Works. The fee shall not be required if the requested permit is to perform one of the following: (Ord. 1758, § 1, 11/12/86)

(1) To replace a structure destroyed or damaged by fire, flood, wind or acts of God. This exception is only to the extent that the resultant structure has the same or less ground floor square footage as the original structure; if the ground floor square footage is increased, the square footage of the additional ground floor area shall be used to determine if the fee is due. (Ord. 1758, § 1, 11/12/1986)

(2) To construct a swimming pool, patio, patio cover, or driveway.

(3) To construct or modify a single family residence on a parcel greater than five (5) acres in area. (Ord. 1758, § 1/, 11/12/1986; Ord. 1864, § 2, 5/23/1989)

(4) To construct or modify any facilities on parcels greater than 20 acres in area, provided less than ten percent (10%) of the parcel is covered by impervious surfaces. (Ord. 1758, § 1, 11/12/1986; Ord. 1864, § 2, 5/23/1989)

(5) To construct, enlarge or modify concrete or asphalt concrete surfaces incidental to land uses other than single family residential. This exemption is only to the extent that the increase in impervious area is less than 500 square feet. (Ord. 1758, § 1, 11/12/1986)