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(a) For each permitted primary use on a legal parcel, one electrical and/or gas meter shall be permitted. (Ord. 2101, § 1, 1/9/1996)

(b) Notwithstanding this provision, in the following circumstances, an additional meter(s) may be permitted:

(1) For an accessory structure or use located 300 feet or more from the existing primary structure and/or use, or authorized by Special Permit or Conditional Use Permit issued pursuant to the provisions of Title III, Division 1 or the Appendix to Title III, Division 1 of the Humboldt County Code.

(2) For fire pumps where a separate meter is required.

(3) For emergency, legally required standby, optional standby or parallel power production systems where a separate meter is required.

(4) Multiple-Occupancy Buildings where each is a primary use.

(5) Capacity Requirements. Two or more meters shall be permitted:

(A) Where the capacity requirements are in excess of 2,000 amperes at a supply voltage of 600 volts or less; or

(B) Where the load requirements of a single-phase installation are greater than the serving agency normally supplies through one (1) meter.

(6) Buildings of Large Area. By special permission, for a single building or other structure sufficiently large to make two or more meters necessary.

(7) For different characteristics; such as for different voltages, frequencies or phases.