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Whenever any of the following names or terms are used in any of said codes referred to herein, such name or term shall have the following meaning:

(a) Building Department, Department Having Jurisdiction. “Building department” and “department having jurisdiction” mean the Planning and Building Department.

(b) Building Official, Administrative Authority, Chief Electrical Inspector. “Building official,” “administrative authority” and “chief electrical inspector” mean the Chief Building Official.

(c) Assistants, Deputies. “Assistants” and “deputies” mean the assistants or deputies of the Chief Building Official.

(d) Municipality, City, City Limits, Political Jurisdiction. “Municipality,” “city limits” and “political jurisdiction” mean the County.

(e) City Council, Mayor. “City council” and “mayor” mean the Board of Supervisors.

(f) City Treasury. “City treasury” means the County Treasury.

(g) County Engineer. “County engineer” means the Director of the Department of Public Works or duly registered designee.

(h) Board of Appeals. “Board of appeals” means the Humboldt County Building Appeals Board. (Ord. 777, § 5, 7/13/1971; Ord. 2275, § 1, 5/28/2002; Ord. 2649, § 1, 9/1/2020)