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The occupancy of a structure constructed in accordance with a permit issued pursuant to this chapter by anyone other than the owner-builder of that structure constitutes a change in occupancy.

Upon a change in occupancy, no new occupancy of the structure shall occur until either:

(a) Each new adult occupant files with the Chief Building Official a statement under penalty of perjury stating that he/she is occupying the structure with the knowledge and understanding that the structure was not built pursuant to Uniform Building Codes and that this may create risks of injury or damage which the occupant freely assumes and from which the occupant holds the County, its officers, employees and agents harmless. The occupant shall also agree, as a condition of the new occupancy permit, to abide by all applicable conditions of the building permit under which the structure was constructed; or

(b) The building is brought into compliance with the provisions of Title 25, Article 10, of the California Administrative Code or the appropriate Uniform Building Code standard.

For the purposes of this section “occupancy” means actual physical occupation for the premises rather than a change in type of use as typically defined in uniform codes. (Ord. 1644, § 2, 7/17/1984; Ord. 2656, § 1, 10/27/2020)