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Permits shall be required for the construction or repair of owner-built, owner-occupied rural dwellings, owner-built accessory dwelling units, and appurtenant structures. Applications for a permit pursuant to this chapter shall be made to the Chief Building Official. Permit applications shall contain the following information:

(a) Name and mailing address of the applicant;

(b) The location, Assessor’s parcel number, and address (if known) of the site where the proposed structure is to be built;

(c) A general description of the structure and the intended use (where applicable), mechanical installations with all clearances and venting procedures detailed, electrical installations, and fire safety details;

(d) A plot plan indicating the location of the dwelling in relation to property lines, other structures, sanitation and bathing facilities, water source and water ways;

(e) If the application being made pertains to a dwelling structure, application shall be made concurrently for approval by the County Department of Public Health of the installation of sewage or waste disposal facilities;

(f) In the case of dwellings, a certification by the applicant that the dwelling is to be owner-built and used only for residential purposes;

(g) The plan provided for in Section 331.5-8 of this chapter;

(h) Such other necessary data or information as may be required by the Chief Building Official to implement these regulations. (Ord. 1644, § 2, 7/17/1984; Ord. 2656, § 1, 10/27/2020)