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A “visibility obstruction” means any natural or man-made object exceeding three feet (3') in height which blocks or impedes the vision. Visibility obstruction includes hedges, bushes, natural growth, buildings, structures, fences and signs. Visibility obstruction does not mean any of the following:

(a) Existing permanent buildings lawfully constructed.

(b) Public utility poles.

(c) Trees trimmed to the trunk so as to provide a clear open space between pavement grade and a plane six feet (6') higher.

(d) Fences of a type which do not obstruct vision.

(e) Supporting members or appurtenances to permanent buildings lawfully existing on the date this division becomes effective.

(f) Official signs or signals.

(g) Places where the contour of the ground is such that there can be no cross-visibility at the intersection.

(h) Signs mounts so as to provide a clear, open space (except supporting members) of ten feet (10') or more above the ground and whose supports do not substantially block visibility. (Ord. 997, § 2, 9/17/1974)