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(a) Abatement. The removal of the condition or conditions, including the correction of any and all violations of local, state and federal law, identified in the Notice to Abate Nuisance to an extent that, at the sole discretion of the Code Enforcement Unit, a public Nuisance no longer exists on the affected Property. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(b) Abatement Costs. Any and all costs reasonably related to the Abatement of the Nuisance, including, but not limited to, enforcement, investigation and any other costs directly associated with the removal and/or correction of the condition or conditions determined to constitute a Nuisance on the affected Property. (Ord. 2457, §1, 8/23/2011; Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(c) Administrative Costs. Any and all costs related to staff time expended in the performance of enforcement activities authorized under this Chapter, including, but not necessarily limited to: conducting site inspections and investigations; preparing summaries, reports and notices; attending meetings and hearings; and any and all other communications, correspondence and document preparation related to enforcing the provisions of this Chapter. The hourly rate established for staff time shall be set by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and revised from time to time. (Ord. 2457, § 1, 8/23/2011; Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(d) Appellant. Any Owner, Beneficial Owner, Occupier or any other person in charge or control of the affected Property that files an appeal of the Code Enforcement Unit’s determination that a continuing Nuisance exists on the Property subject to the Notice to Abate Nuisance. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(e) Attorney’s Fees. Any and all legal fees incurred by the prevailing party in any administrative proceeding to abate a Nuisance. Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees by the prevailing party is limited to those administrative proceedings in which the County of Humboldt elects, at the initiation of that individual proceeding, to seek recovery of its own legal fees. In no administrative proceeding shall an award of Attorneys’ Fees to a prevailing party exceed the amount of reasonable legal fees incurred by the County of Humboldt in the administrative proceeding. (Ord. 2457, §1, 8/23/2011; Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(f) Beneficial Owner. Any mortgagee of record, beneficiary under a recorded deed of trust or the owner or holder of any lease of record; provided, however, that the United States, the State of California and the County of Humboldt shall not be deemed to be Beneficial Owners by virtue of any lien for unpaid taxes. (Ord. 601, §3, 6/6/1967; Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(g) Code Enforcement Investigator. Any and all code enforcement officers assigned by the Humboldt County Code Enforcement Unit to investigate Nuisances within the unincorporated areas of Humboldt County. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(h) Code Enforcement Unit. The Humboldt County Code Enforcement Unit, including any and all Code Enforcement Investigators employed thereby. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(i) Costs. Any and all costs and/or Attorney’s Fees incurred during the performance of the enforcement activities authorized under this Chapter. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(j) Occupier. Any person occupying or otherwise in real or apparent charge and control of the affected Property. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(k) Owner. The owner of record of the affected Property whose name and address appears on the last equalized secured property tax assessment roll, or in the case of any public entity, the representative thereof. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(l) Premises. Any lot or parcel of land upon which a building is situated, including any improved or unimproved portion thereof, and adjacent streets, sidewalks, parkways and parking areas. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(m) Personal Property. Articles of personal or household use or ornament, including, but not limited to, furniture, furnishings, automobiles and boats, as well as precious metals in any tangible form, such as bullion or coins. As used herein the term “Personal Property” does not include intangible property such as evidence of indebtedness, bank accounts and other monetary deposits, documents of title or securities. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(n) Property. Any Premises and/or Real Property located within the unincorporated area of Humboldt County. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)

(o) Real Property. Any lot or parcel of land, including any alley, sidewalk, parkway or unimproved public easement. (Ord. 2576, § 4, 6/27/2017)