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(a) The Board of Supervisors shall from time to time determine and fix and amount to be assessed as administrative costs (excluding the actual cost of removal of any vehicle or part thereof) under this chapter. (Ord. 2576, § 7, 6/27/2017)

(b) It is hereby determined that the administrative cost of vesting title to any vehicle in a licensed dismantler (other than a dismantler acting under a franchise with the County for the removal of abandoned vehicles) is Two Dollars ($2.00) for each and every vehicle in which title is vested as hereinabove. Said Two Dollars ($2.00) administrative cost shall be paid by the dismantler to the Enforcement Official on the demand of the Enforcement Official. Revenues collected pursuant to this subsection shall be deposited by the Enforcement Official in the general fund of the County of Humboldt. (Ord. 746, § 6, 1/12/1971; Ord. 1212, § 1, 3/28/1978; Ord. 2093, § 1, 10/17/1995; Ord. 2576, § 7, 6/27/2017)