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Notice of intention to abate and remove a junk vehicle or part thereof as a public nuisance and to assess the costs of removal shall be delivered by registered or certified mail to the landowner and to the vehicle owner if the owner is in such condition that identification numbers are available to determine ownership. Such notice shall contain a statement that the vehicle owner and the landowner may request a public hearing; that the landowner and the vehicle owner may appear in person at the hearing; that the landowner may present a sworn statement denying responsibility for the presence of the vehicle on the land with his reasons for denial in lieu of personally appearing; and that, if a request for a hearing is not delivered to the Enforcement Official within ten (10) days after the mailing of the notice, the Enforcement Official shall have authority to remove the junk vehicle and to assess the costs of removal, including administrative costs, against the land upon which the junk vehicle was located and against the vehicle owner. Such notice shall also contain a statement of the amount proposed to be assessed against the land and/or the vehicle owner for removal of the junk vehicle. (Ord. 746, § 7, 1/12/1971; Ord. 2093, § 1, 10/17/1995; Ord. 2576, § 7, 6/27/2017)