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A wrecking and salvage yard is any aggregate area of more than 200 square feet within any parcel, lot or contiguous lots of real property which is used as a place where imported waste, inoperable machinery, inoperable motor vehicles or discarded or salvaged materials are disassembled, handled, placed, processed, baled, packaged or stored. The term “wrecking and salvage yard” includes, but is not limited to, auto and trailer wrecking yards, other wrecking yards, scrap metal yards, used lumber yards and places or yards for storage of salvaged house wrecking and structural steel material and equipment. Any of the activities or conditions that would otherwise be a wrecking and salvage yard shall not constitute a wrecking or salvage yard if conducted entirely within a completely enclosed building. The term “wrecking and salvage yard” does not include areas used for the sale or storage or operable automobiles, tractors, farm machinery, house trailers or boats. The term “wrecking or salvage yard” also does not include areas used for the salvaging of materials incidental to and used in manufacturing or farming operations, providing such salvaging of materials takes place where the manufacturing or farming is done. (Ord. 457, § 1, 6/11/1963)