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In addition to meeting the minimum acceptable surface mining and reclamation practices in the State Act and Regulations, each surface mining operation shall be designed and conducted to meet the operational standards of this Section. Conditions may be imposed on mining permits to ensure compliance with minimum acceptable practices and standards. Operations authorized by a permit shall be conducted only by the operator or an authorized agent. Additional standards are set forth in the Act and Regulations. See, for example, section 3700 and following, “Reclamation Standards.”

(a) Access Roads. All private encroachments leading to surface mining operation shall be adequately surfaced to prevent aggregate or other materials from being drawn onto the public way.

(b) Dust Suppression. All haul roads and driveways shall be maintained as necessary to minimize the emission of dust and prevent the creation of a nuisance to adjacent properties.

(c) Discharge Waters. Any waters discharged from the mined lands shall meet all applicable water quality standards of the Regional Water Quality Control Board and other agencies with authority over such discharges.

(d) Erosion Control. Adequate measures shall be taken to assure the prevention of erosion from mined lands and adjacent properties during the life of the operation. The Reclamation Plan shall assure the prevention of erosion subsequent to surface mining operations. (See also, Section 391-3 above).

(e) Maintenance of Existing Grades. Unless otherwise specifically authorized for the purpose of environmental enhancement by the State Department of Fish and Game (and the Army Corps of Engineers, if necessary), grades and land forms in mined lands shall be maintained in such a manner so as to avoid accumulations of water that will serve as breeding areas for mosquitoes or sites of fish entrapment.

(f) Surrounding Water Transmissivity. Excavations which may affect groundwater shall not substantially reduce the quality or quantity of groundwater available in the area surrounding the mined lands. See, Section 3710 and following of the current regulations for performance standards.

(g) Compliance with Other Jurisdictions. Surface mining operations in areas where other agencies have regulatory jurisdiction shall be operated so as to comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Other agencies shall include, but not be limited to, the Department of Fish & Game, the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. If the County becomes aware of any operation which is operating in violation of any other agency’s permit conditions, or the regulations or laws of another agency, the Planning Department shall notify the other agency(ies) of the violation and request that the agency having jurisdiction take appropriate enforcement action. (Ord. 2117, 5/28/1996)