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Modifications of conditions or restrictions on a Use Permit or approved Reclamation Plan may be allowed upon request of the surface mine operator upon a finding by the Planning Director that each requested change is necessary to achieve the stated goals and policies of the County, and that such modifications do not constitute a substantial change or expansion of the surface mining operation, or a reduction in environmental protections. Any modifications approved must be consistent with local, State, and Federal laws and regulations, and, if the modification has any effect on the financial assurances, the change must be submitted to the State Director for review. Additionally, any modifications granted must be reported as an amendment in the annual report required by Section 2774 (e) of the Act. Any person dissatisfied with the decision of the Planning Director on a request for modifications may appeal the action in accordance with the appeal provisions of the Humboldt County Code. (Ord. 2117, 5/28/1996)