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392-2. Composition.
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(a) CHERT shall consist of at least three (3) and no more than five (5) appointees who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors. New appointees shall be recommended to the Board of Supervisors for ratification as needed to fill vacancies by a membership review panel comprised of (1) representatives from the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department, (2) one (1) representative from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, (3) one (1) representative from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Services, and (4) one (1) representative from the National Marine Fisheries Service. The Planning and Building Department shall bring requests for appointment of new members to the Board of Supervisors.

(b) Appointment Criteria. Appointees to CHERT shall possess, at a minimum, a Bachelor of Science or advanced degree (Master of Science or PhD) in hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, riparian ecology, or a related field of study.

At any one (1) time, CHERT shall, when taken as a whole, possess expertise in all of the above-listed fields except in the event of unexpected vacancies while replacement members are being sought and selected.

Appointed members will serve a five (5) year appointment and may serve successive terms if continuation is recommended by the review panel and approved by the Board of Supervisors. Members may be removed for cause at any time during their appointment if recommended by the review panel majority and approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Appointees shall not be directly affiliated with a company or individual subject to the review activities of CHERT.

(c) Lead Scientist. The Director of the Planning and Building Department shall, in consultation with CHERT, select and appoint a lead scientist for CHERT from the CHERT members. The lead scientist shall coordinate with other members to distribute work, coordinate site visits, and be the point of contact for the Planning Department, gravel operators, and regulatory agencies. The lead scientist shall ensure that CHERT completes the duties listed in Section 392-3.

The term of office for the lead scientist shall be five (5) years, and may be appointed for successive terms if recommended by the review panel majority and approved by the Board of Supervisors. (Ord. 2617, § 2, 12/11/2018)