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(a) County Highways. The term “County highways” refers to the full width of the right of way including the surfaced or traveled portion, shoulders and drainage areas of any road, street, path, land or alley dedicated to, reserved for, or used by the general public when accepted as and declared to be a part of the County road system. (Ord. 896, § 111, 12/21/1972)

(b) Department. The term “department” refers to the Department of Public Works. (Ord. 896, § 112, 12/21/1972)

(c) Director. The term “director” refers to the Director of Public Works, or any person designated by him/her. (Ord. 896, § 113, 12/21/1972)

(d) Driveway, Commercial. The term “commercial driveway” refers to any driveway that is not a “residential driveway” as defined in this chapter. (Ord. 896, § 114, 12/21/1972)

(e) Driveway, Residential. The term “residential driveway” refers to any driveway serving any property which is used solely as a private residence of one (1), two (2) or three (3) single-family dwelling units including duplexes, triplexes, farms or ranches which are not used as retail outlets. (Ord. 896, § 115, 12/21/1972)

(f) Encroachment. The term “encroachment” includes any excavation, structure or object of any kind or character, temporary or permanent, made, placed or allowed to enter, grow or encroach upon, over or under any County right of way within the County maintained road system. (Ord. 1085, § 1, 6/29/1976)

(g) Facility. “Facility” shall mean any structure or object of any kind or character which is or may be lawfully constructed, left, placed or maintained in, upon, along, across, under or over any County right of way. (Ord. 896, § 124, 12/21/1972)

(h) Fence. The term “fence” shall mean any obstruction of whatever material or composition which is designed, intended, or used to protect, defend or obscure the interior property of the owner thereof from the view, trespass, or passage of others upon that property. (Ord. 896, § 117, 12/21/1972)

(i) Permittee. A “permittee” is any person who has been issued an encroachment permit by the Director. (Ord. 896, § 118, 12/21/1972)

(j) Right of Way. The term “right of way” means all land or interest therein which by deed, conveyance, agreement, easement, dedication, usage or process of law is reserved for or dedicated to the use of the general public for road or highway purposes. (Ord. 896, § 120, 12/21/1972)

(k) Sidewalk. The term “sidewalk” refers to the portion of a highway, other than that part used for vehicular traffic, and set apart by curbs, barriers, markings or other delineation for pedestrian travel.

(l) Specifications. The term “specifications” refers to the current California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) standard specifications pertaining to construction, and/or any specifications of the County required herein or imposed as a condition of any encroachment permit. (Ord. 896, § 122, 12/21/1972)

(m) Tree. The term “tree” shall mean any growing plant exceeding ten feet (10') in height, whether growing singly or as a hedge. (Ord. 896, § 123, 12/21/1972)

(n) Utility. “Utility” shall mean a private company and/or corporation or municipal department engaged in providing a particular service to the general public. (Ord. 896, § 125, 12/21/1972)