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(a) The Director of Public Works is authorized to close or restrict any portion of any County road or highway as set forth in § 412-1 above when, in his opinion, such closing is necessary for the safety and protection of persons who are to use that portion of the County road or highway during the temporary closing, when the person or organization desiring the restriction or closure of said road or highway has complied with the following provisions:

(b) The person or organization desiring to conduct the celebration, parade, local special event or other activity requiring the closure or restriction of a portion of any County highway or road shall apply for a permit at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the proposed activity. Said request shall include the following information:

(1) The name of the person or organization sponsoring the activity, the type of activity, and the name of the person in charge.

(2) The specified time and place of assembly.

(3) The route to be followed and the time estimated to pass a given point.

(4) The approximate time and place of disbanding.

(5) Notification from either the California Highway Patrol or Sheriff’s Department that they have been contacted and agree to provide whatever traffic control is necessary.

(c) Where a portion of a State highway is included in the request, the Director of Public Works is authorized to close or restrict the appropriate portion of the State highway in accordance with said request upon receiving approval from the District Director of the State Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). (Ord. 978, § 2, 4/9/1974)