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The prima facie speed limits set forth herein are based upon recommendations which have been made by the Director of Public Works who has made engineering and traffic surveys of the portions of County roads in question. The Board of Supervisors hereby determines, upon the basis of such recommendations and engineering and traffic surveys, that the speed limit of fifty-five (55) miles per hour (90 km/h) is more than reasonable or safe upon the portions of County roads referred to herein, and the prima facie speed limits which have been fixed by this chapter are hereby found to be the most appropriate to facilitate the orderly movement of traffic and to be reasonable and safe. (Ord. 2351, § 9, 12/6/2005)

All units of measurement are cited in standard and metric terms pursuant to § 21351.3 of the Vehicle Code of California.

Any amendment to this chapter shall be effective thirty (30) days after its enactment and when appropriate signs giving notice of the prima facie speed limit thereby determined and declared have been erected upon said County roads.