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(a) Use of Accessible Parking Spaces (Parking for Persons with Disabilities). Persons using parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities shall comply with the following:

(1) No person shall park or stand any vehicle in a parking space designated for accessible parking unless said vehicle bears a special license plate or displays a special placard issued under the provisions of Section 5007, 22511.55 or 22511.59 of the California Vehicle Code. (Ord. 2339, § 1, 3/22/2005)

(2) Parking spaces designated for accessible parking shall be operative twenty-four (24) hours a day, Sundays and holidays included.

(3) Parking spaces designated for accessible parking are subject to any temporary parking prohibitions established by the County. (Ord. 1204, § 1, 3/7/1978)

(b) Identification. Accessible parking spaces shall be identified pursuant to the provisions of §§ 22511.7 and 22511.8 of the California Vehicle Code. Identification shall also comply with all federal, state and local accessibility laws, standards, ordinances and regulations. (Ord. 1204, § 5, 3/7/1978)

(c) Off-Street/Publicly Owned Facilities. The Director of Public Works shall establish parking spaces designated for accessible parking in publicly owned, leased or controlled off-street parking facilities. (Ord. 1204, § 3, 3/7/1978; Ord. 2314, § 1, 2/24/2004)

(d) Location of Accessible Parking Spaces. The following locations shall be marked as accessible parking:

(1) Maple Street (County Road 6B125). From Post Mile 0.087 to Post Mile 0.091 (P.K. 0.140 to P.K. 0.146). (Ord. 2339, § 1, 3/22/2005)

(2) Redwood Drive (County Road 6B105). From Post Mile 2.722 to Post Mile 2.727 (P.K. 4.381 to P.K. 4.389). (Ord. 2640, § 2, 2/11/2020)