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The parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited at all times on the following portions of the roads at Arcata-Eureka Airport:

(a) Along both sides of Airport Loop Road from Airport Road, except as otherwise described in subsequent subsections.

(b) Along both sides of Baadsgaard Avenue, from its intersection with said Boeing Avenue to its intersection with Airport Loop Road. (Ord. 2351, § 14, 12/6/2005)

(c) In the parking lots lying north, south and west of the Terminal Building, except as said parking lot is designated by the Director of Aviation for the County for car rental agency parking, handicapped parking, utility maintenance vehicle parking, executive aircraft passenger loading and unloading, Federal Aviation Administration personnel, Sheriff’s Department personnel, airport employee parking and hotel/motel courtesy vehicle parking, or except as such parking is authorized and allowed by concessionaires operating a fee parking service pursuant to a concession agreement entered into between concessioner and County.

(d) Along both sides of Airport Road (County Road No. C4M200) between Post Mile 0.21 and Post Mile 0.72 (P.K. 0.33 to P.K. 1.14), and this parking prohibition shall be enforced twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

(e) Certain signed curb spaces of the roads at Arcata Airport are hereby designated as loading or unloading of passengers or baggage from buses, taxicabs, or limousines engaged as common carriers or courtesy buses engaged by hotel and motel establishments. Vehicles using such spaces may not be left unattended. (Ord. 2351, § 14, 12/6/2005)