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The aforesaid Streets and Highways Plan is adopted to protect and promote the public health, safety, peace, comfort, convenience and general welfare and for the accomplishment thereof is adopted for the purposes more particularly set forth as follows:

(a) To provide a definite plan of development for the said County of Humboldt and to guide, control and regulate the future growth of said County in accordance with said plan.

(b) To provide a guide for the intelligent outlay of the expenditures of said County and the State of California for street and highway purposes.

(c) To obviate the menace to the public safety from inadequate provision of traffic thoroughfares in connection with and as a result of the development of the County.

(d) To prevent deterioration of property values and impairment of conditions making for desirable residential, commercial or industrial development, as the case may be, which would result from a lack of plans designed to assure the orderly, harmonious and beneficial development of the County and all sections thereof. (Ord. 567, § 4, 6/21/1966)