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The numbering system is based on the individual numbering of each road, beginning at its point of origin and increasing in sequence to its point of termination. In the case of a loop road which has two points of intersection on one road, the point of origin shall be deemed to be the first intersection of the loop road encountered as house numbers are ascending.

(a) Each mile shall be assigned 1000 numbers per road mile, and two numbers shall be assigned to each 10.56 feet of street or road frontage--one odd number and one even number, with odd on north and east and even on south and west side of road.

(b) Each principal building shall be assigned to the frontage on which the front entrance is located. Where any building has more than one entrance serving separate occupants, separate numbers shall be assigned to each entrance serving a separate occupant.

(c) A multiple-family dwelling or commercial building having only one main entrance shall be assigned only one number, and separate apartments or suites shall carry a letter designation as A, B, C, etc., as may be required. (Ord. 1044, § 5, 8/19/1975)