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(a) The strategic plan shall be consistent with, and in furtherance of the purposes of, the Act and any guidelines adopted by the State commission pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 130125 of the Health and Safety Code that are in effect at the time the plan is adopted. (Ord. 2185, § 1, 12/15/1998)

(b) The strategic plan shall, at a minimum, include the following: a description of the goals and objectives proposed to be attained; a description of the programs, services, and projects proposed to be provided, sponsored, or facilitated; and a description of how measurable outcomes of such programs, services, and projects will be determined by the commission using appropriate reliable indicators. No strategic plan shall be deemed adequate or complete until and unless the plan describes how programs, services, and projects relating to early childhood development within the county will be integrated into a consumer-oriented and easily accessible system. (Ord. 2185, § 1, 12/15/1998)