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(a) A qualified patient or a person holding a valid identification card, or the designated primary caregiver of that qualified patient or person, may possess amounts of marijuana up to three (3) pounds of dried cannabis bud or conversion per medical marijuana patient. (Ord. 2328, § 1, 8/17/2004)

(b) To produce three (3) pounds of dried cannabis bud or conversion per medical marijuana patient, such persons may cultivate cannabis in an amount per qualified patient not to exceed more than 100 square feet of total garden canopy, as measured by the combined vegetative growth area. (Ord. 2328, § 1, 8/17/2004)

(c) Qualified medical marijuana patients, and caregivers who collectively or cooperatively cultivate marijuana for medical purposes shall not exceed the standards set forth in Section 3., Subsections A and B or this Chapter. (Ord. 2328, § 1, 8/17/2004)

(d) If a qualified medical marijuana patient or primary caregiver has an attending physician’s written, dated, and signed recommendation that the quality described in Section three, subdivision A. and B. Of this Chapter are not sufficient to meet the medical marijuana patient’s needs, said patient or caregiver may possess an amount of marijuana consistent with the attending physician’s written recommendation. (Ord. 2328, § 1, 8/17/2004)

(e) A primary caregiver shall include a competent adult, over the age of 18, designated as such in writing by a qualified or card-holding, medical marijuana patient, in the interests of their personal health and safety, subject to the rebuttal by credible evidence to the contrary. (Ord. 2328, § 1, 8/17/2004)

(f) The primary caregiver’s designation shall be posted at the garden site or be in the possession of the caregiver. The primary caregiver must also have in their possession a copy of the attending physician’s document concerning the medical marijuana patient they are caregiving for. (Ord. 2328, § 1, 8/17/2004)