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Owners of waterless toilet systems shall be knowledgeable of best management practices in methods for pathogen reduction/elimination and composting processes to prevent potential adverse impact to public health or the environment. An approved Operation and Maintenance Manual shall be maintained and available for reference on the premises. The Operation and Maintenance Manual shall at a minimum contain all the following information:

(a) Potential health risks from improper use or maintenance of the waterless toilet.

(b) Schedule for addition of necessary compost additives.

(c) Source or provider of necessary compost additives.

(d) Schedule and instructions for all regular maintenance tasks.

(e) Description for container transfer and cleaning where used.

(f) Expected schedule for removing end product humus from composting processors.

(g) Description for on-site disposal, reuse, or professional removal as required by Section 615-10.

(h) Description for managing leachate as required by Section 615-4(f).

(i) Description for microbial and physical testing as required by Section 615-9.

(j) Specifications, information, and manufacturer’s manual if using a premanufactured waterless toilet.

(k) Description for the storage, treatment and reuse or disposal of diverted urine, if using a urine-diverting toilet, as required by Section 615-4(j).

(l) Other information as requested by the Department. (Repealed and reenacted by Ord. 2628, § 2, 6/4/2019)